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FreeFunder was created in order to provide a completely free option for people who are raising money for personal causes. We recognized that many people were creating fundraisers to meet very important needs, and they were losing 5% or more of everything donated to them!

Instead of charging fees and taking money from people who really need it, we decided it would be much better to trust in the goodness of people, and let people voluntarily donate whatever they would like! FreeFunder does not take any part of the donations to your fundraiser. Instead, in true crowdfunding style, we give people the option to donate a small amount to FreeFunder if they wish. This is completely voluntary, and it's what makes FreeFunder so special!

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That's right! We want to encourage sharing and help your campaign succeed, so we'll even donate! If you reach 100 shares on Facebook and $1,000 raised, FreeFunder will donate $20 to your campaign. If you reach 500 shares and $5,000 raised, FreeFunder will donate another $50!

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When an accidental fire burned through the third floor and attic of an apartment complex, Colleen Fallon wanted to help her friends the Moore Family. After researching different crowd funding platforms, she chose FreeFunder because FreeFunder passes the entire donation on to the Campaign Creator, instead of taking 5% or more as other platforms do.

The Moores were unharmed in the fire, but many of their belongings were lost and they needed help getting resituated. Colleen set a goal amount of $1,482. Within 16 hours, the FreeFunder campaign had blown past that goal, already raising $2,370, as mentioned in this news article. By the end of the campaign, the fundraiser raised more than 300% of the goal amount, providing the Moore Family with $5,165 to help them rebuild.

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The Moore Family Fund
Adams, MA   Emergency
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Where Did FreeFunder Come From?

Hey all, I'm John, the creator of FreeFunder! A few years ago I was looking at different crowdfunding platforms because I was trying to get funding for a short film. Anyone who has tried to produce a low-budget short film knows that every dollar counts, so I was disappointed to find that every platform available charged a fee of 5-9%. That ends up being a lot of money that just goes to the platform! I ended up creating the first version of FreeFunder just so that we could hang on to every dollar donated, and we were able to make a great short film.

That was a couple years ago, and since then I've realized that there are many, many other campaign types that need every dollar even more than we did for our short film. People in emergency situations, people with medical needs, people mourning the loss of a loved one. With the help of some of my friends, I decided to rebuild FreeFunder with these people in mind, and to provide a truly free crowdfunding platform for personal causes.

I am so proud of what we've built, and excited that we get to really help people in need by providing them with a completely free fundraising platform. I wish you all the best, and thank you for supporting free fundraising.

Best, John

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