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Personal Fundraising

Personal Crowdfunding Made Simple

Set up a fundraiser in minutes, and share it easily with friends and family. Raise money for emergencies, funerals, travel, or anything else you need to fund!

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Is It Really Free?

Yes! Most crowdfunding sites charge a platform fee of 5% for every donation (in addition to credit card processing fees). FreeFunder charges ZERO platform fees. Instead, we rely on optional donations from campaign contributors to keep FreeFunder free! This ensures that the maximum amount possible makes it straight to the person who needs it most.

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We Actually Donate

In addition to not charging any platform fees, FreeFunder will actually donate up to $70 to each campaign based on Facebook shares! Get $20 when you reach 100 shares, and another $50 when you reach 500 shares!

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A Few Current Campaigns

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FreeFunder allows fundraisers to create free personal crowdfunding campaigns, with NO platform fees!

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