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We Will Donate Up To $120 For All Fundraisers Related To Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted millions of people, and FreeFunder wants to help. For any fundraiser related to this crisis, FreeFunder will donate up to $120 based on shares.


Get Help With Vet Bills: Updated for 2020

When your furry family member falls ill or needs surgery, it can be tough to find ways to pay for medicines or procedures. Fortunately there are several organizations determined to help with vet bills, and we’ve got an updated list for 2020.


How To Share Your Fundraiser On Instagram

Instagram doesn't allow you to share links on individual posts, but that doesn't mean you can't easily share your FreeFunder fundraiser! Use our free Text-To-Donate service to share your fundraiser on IG.


How to Use Text-To-Donate to Maximize Your Fundraising Potential

With FreeFunder's new Text-To-Donate service, you can make it quick and easy for people to support your cause.


5 Quick Tips to Relaunch a Crowdfunding Campaign

Actionable tips to relaunch a crowdfunding campaign


6 Tips Gleaned from Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

Most crowdfunding projects share common traits. Here are six gleaned from successful campaigns.


8 Successful Medical Fundraisers on FreeFunder

1 in 5 insured struggles with medical debt, prompting many to turn to crowdfunding.


How Much Does Crowdfunding Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of what it costs to raise money at several well-known crowdfunding sites.


Choosing the Right Crowdfunding Platform

Should I use FreeFunder of GoFundMe?


Why FreeFunder is Great for Medical Fundraising

Almost half of all money raised through crowdfunding is going toward medical expenses. FreeFunder makes every dollar count.


Why FreeFunder Beats GoFundMe For Fundraising

GoFundMe is by far the largest personal crowdfunding site out there, but is it the best? Let's investigate.


Why Your Personal Crowdfunding Campaign Will Make $0

The huge amount of money that is donated every single day can make it seem easy. It’s a common misconception about crowd funding that if you just ask, and your need is great enough or your cause is worthy enough, people will find your fundraiser and donate. That’s simply not the case.


Crowdfunding: 8 Ways To Say Thank You

When it comes to the words "thank you," knowing what to say is just as important as how you say it. It's always personal, even with donation-based campaigns.


Need To Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign? Here's How

Crowdfunding is real work and maintaining momentum can be a daunting task. Whatever platform you choose, constantly promoting your project before, during and after launch should be a top priority.


4 Common Misconceptions About Crowdfunding

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and people fundraising for different causes, it's a good time to dispel four common fundraising misconceptions.


Traits of a Winning Fundraising Campaign

There are many different components to launching a successful campaign, and many similar traits. Here are 4 common traits we regularly see in successful fundraisers.


6 Holiday Fundraising Ideas

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. It is a joyful time of year when we gather with family and friends, give gifts and reflect upon what we are grateful for. It is also the perfect time to help others.


5 Actionable Tips to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Successful campaigns require getting the word out and making a connection with potential backers. Here are 5 actionable tips to launch a successful campaign.


Memorial Fundraising: Free Help With Funerals and Memorials

Losing a loved one is hard, no matter how it happens. Dealing with the expenses and coordination of a funeral or memorial is an additional challenge that few are prepared to deal with. We can help!


We Actually Donate To Your Fundraiser!

FreeFunder does not charge any fees for your crowdfunding campaign. Not only that, but we'll actually donate up to $70 to your campaign based on sharing!


Medical Fundraising: Free Help With Medical Bills

Medical bills are often unexpected, urgent and expensive. FreeFunder provides a free platform to easily and quickly raise money to help with the cost of medical care, and charges no fees!


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FreeFunder Works!

When Erica and Andrew's neighbor verbally threatened them and then vandalized their home, they realized they needed to take steps to secure their home. Their friend Kelly Alice Robinson set up a FreeFunder campaign with a goal of $2,000 to cover the costs of the security system.

This was the fastest fundraiser to reach its goal so far on FreeFunder - in less than 15 hours they reached the $2,000 goal. Within 2 days they had more than doubled it, and ended the campaign after only 2 days because they did not need more money! In those 2 days they raised $4,090.

"It is hard to find the right words to express the gratitude we're feeling right now. As much hatred as we felt coming from our neighbor, the love we've gotten back in return, from other neighbors, friends, family, and even complete strangers is a zillion times that. We don't even know how to let it all in. We are completely stunned." - Erica and Andrew

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