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Why FreeFunder is Great for Medical Fundraising

by Stacey W
Last Updated 06/26/2017

Medical emergencies happen. When they do, we don't think about costs. We just want to get over the unexpected illness or have that life-saving surgery. However, medical treatments can sometimes leave us with staggering debt and an unstable financial future.

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to offset the costs. Instead of carrying the huge financial burden alone, fundraisers are asking family, friends and colleagues for help. And it works.

When airline pilot Justin Costilow was diagnosed with Leukemia, volunteers from the Air Line Pilots Association (APLA), representing PSA Airlines, sprang into action to support their fellow airman. The group launched a $15k FreeFunder campaign to cover Costilow's expenses while he receives treatment.

Within a few weeks, more than 160 contributors donated $14,971 to the campaign. ALPA will receive every penny raised, which brings us to the first reason why FreeFunder is great for medical fundraising.

It’s Free
Our name says it all. FreeFunder is a 100% free crowdfunding platform. That means fundraisers receive 100% of the donations. We don't take 5% of funds raised like GoFundMe. Instead, donors support the platform.

Here's how it works: When donors give to a campaign, they can also choose to donate to FreeFunder. Of course, they can decline but lots of people choose to support the platform. These donations help us keep the site free.

There is a small, mandatory third-party transaction fee (which is usually 2.9% plus $.0.30) that goes directly to the online payment company, not FreeFunder. 

All or Nothing? Nope, not us. 
We are not an all-or-nothing platform so fundraisers receive all of their donations whether the project is 50% or 100% funded. It is our mission to make a difference in people's lives. We don't want fundraisers to worry about reaching their funding goal so that they can receive the funds. We want them to focus on reaching their goal so that they can support their cause. 

Simply put, we are committed to helping people raise money for personal causes that matters most to them.  

Just Personal Causes 
Personal causes are all we do. To date, FreeFunder has raised valuable funds for a myriad of campaigns for medical emergencies, displaced families and natural disaster victims. The APLA campaign is a typical FreeFunder success story. You can read more success stories or create your own here

So can you launch business projects on the platform? Yes, but offering rewards and equity is prohibited so it may be difficult to reach your goals. On FreeFunder, the only reward backers receive is 'thank you.' 

FreeFunder Donates 
Like most platforms, we encourage fundraisers to widely promote their campaigns. But we also take it a step further. FreeFunder donates $20 to campaigns that reach 100 Facebook shares and $50 more, if it reaches 500 shares.

If you need to raise funds for a medical emergency, charity or any personal cause, give FreeFunder a try. Our platform tools, dedicated team and fast support make it easy to launch a campaign in minutes. 


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FreeFunder Works!

When an accidental fire burned through the third floor and attic of an apartment complex, Colleen Fallon wanted to help her friends the Moore Family. After researching different crowd funding platforms, she chose FreeFunder because FreeFunder passes the entire donation on to the Campaign Creator, instead of taking 5% or more as other platforms do.

The Moores were unharmed in the fire, but many of their belongings were lost and they needed help getting resituated. Colleen set a goal amount of $1,482. Within 16 hours, the FreeFunder campaign had blown past that goal, already raising $2,370, as mentioned in this news article. By the end of the campaign, the fundraiser raised more than 300% of the goal amount, providing the Moore Family with $5,165 to help them rebuild.

"What an amazing thing to wake up to! ...In only 11 hours of this being created you all have seen the goal line and then hurdled it! ...Thank you to all who have donated and shared this link, everything little bit helps. I'll be seeing Marcus and Heather this weekend and can't wait to give them some hope for the future because of everyone who has shown compassion. Cheers to all!" - Colleen Fallon

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