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Common Questions About FreeFunder And Other Sites Like GoFundMe

by John S
Last Updated 12/14/2022

Why Is FreeFunder One of the Top Sites like Gofundme?

There are many sites like Gofundme on the internet, and they work to help you raise money by charging a platform fee. However, personal fundraisers often require all the money they can get from a crowdfunding campaign, so we made it easier to get the cash needed through peer-to-peer fundraising without the hassle.

What Is a Crowdfunding Platform?

A crowdfunding platform is a website that keeps track of the funds raised during a donation-based campaign. Our goal is to give you the best experience without charging any platform fee.

You use the crowdfunding platform to explain your situation, create and publish your crowdfunding campaign, and raise money. We don't collect a platform fee from you (the campaign owner) or the Beneficiary. Instead, we rely on voluntary donations from contributors to keep things running smoothly.

What's Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows people to fund a cause or project by raising small cash amounts from many people. Often, this includes sharing on a social network or two to spread the word. Crowdfunding websites generally charge a platform fee on top of the payment processing fees, but we've done away with that on our crowdfunding site (FreeFunder).

How Can FreeFunder Stay in Business without a Platform Fee?

This is the question most people ask. In true crowdfunding style, we rely on voluntary donations from campaign contributors. We don't take the contributions made to your campaign!

When someone makes a donation on the donation form, they see a space to donate money to FreeFunder itself. They can choose to do that or put a zero in that spot. Most people are happy to give us money to help this amazing crowdfunding site continue running and help others with their personal fundraising!

Does FreeFunder Charge Credit Card Processing Fees?

FreeFunder doesn't charge fees and keeps running through optional donations. However, the payment processor we use, Stripe, takes payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Every online payment processor does this, and that's the industry standard credit card processing fee.

The difference between us and other fundraising sites is that we don't take platform fees like the competition. Typically, a crowdfunding site charges five percent plus the processing fee.

How Do I Raise Money on the FreeFunder Website?

Online fundraising is easy here. Simply create an account or log in with Facebook. Follow the prompts to set up your campaign and watch the funds raised section soar higher and higher!

Where Does the Money Go After I Raise Funds?

We use Stripe as the payment processor. When you create your fundraising campaign, you’ll also be able to fill in details for your Stripe Account.

You or the beneficiary adds your bank account information and personal details to the Stripe account, which stays separated from our fundraising platform. Once you've set up the Stripe account, the donations made go directly there and then to your bank.

Typically, the first transfer from Stripe to the bank happens seven days after your first donation. Then, it continues on a rolling two-day basis. You can easily see your next scheduled transfer by logging into the FreeFunder account and going to your "manage this campaign" page. 

What Happens After the Campaign Ends if I Need to Continue My Fundraising Efforts?

Campaigns don't end on our fundraising site until you want them to do so. Easily turn the fundraiser off and on in the campaign management section, choosing "more settings" to make those changes.

Can I Raise Funds for Businesses on FreeFunder?

FreeFunder is primarily designed for personal causes. Although business fundraisers are allowed, it may be difficult to fundraise effectively because you cannot offer rewards or investment opportunities. All fundraisers are by donation only.  

Campaign owners do keep the money raised, regardless of the goal. Therefore, it's wise to create a campaign where each dollar counts instead of one where failure to reach the fundraising goal makes your project impossible to finish.

How Do I Create a Successful Fundraising Campaign?

Though we can't guarantee success, you can give yourself a better chance by:

  • Crafting a detailed and compelling description. People are more willing to donate when they know who you are, why you need help, and what happened.
  • Sending personalized emails to 10 friends and family members when you start the campaign and sharing it regularly on social media
  • Adding multiple photos
  • Showing urgency by defining why you need the money and when
  • Thanking those who donate, regardless of the amount

What Tax Implication Do the Contributors and Campaign Owners Face?

It's best to talk to your tax advisor about this. All funds that are raised go directly to the bank account of the Beneficiary, and different countries and/or states may have different rules about how donated funds are treated when it comes to taxes. 

In many cases, the money received is considered a gift and not income, but we can't determine all of those scenarios for you. If you’re concerned about tax implications you should talk to your tax advisor before creating a campaign.

What Happens to the Money if I Don't Reach the Goal?

The Beneficiary receives donated money immediately, regardless of whether or not you reach your goal.

What Are the Benefits of Using Websites like FreeFunder?

Crowdfunding sites have many benefits, such as:

  • Easier than getting bank loans
  • Get help when you need it
  • More efficient than other options
  • Simple to share

What Are Some Fundraising Tips to Help Me?

Here are a few crowdfunding tips to get you started:

  • Know your goal
  • Understand your audience
  • Create a good pitch
  • Set realistic goals
  • Make it easy by sharing online
  • Keep donors updated
  • Thank people who donate

What Does Crowdfunding Help With?

Crowdfunding can help with many personal situations, such as:

  • Broken down cars
  • Medical expenses
  • Spreading awareness for diseases and illnesses
  • Any personal project
  • So much more!

Why Should I Use This Fundraising Site?

FreeFunder is one of the best crowdfunding websites because it doesn't charge a platform fee. Your only fees are those for payment processing, which are required for all fundraising sites.


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FreeFunder Works!

When an accidental fire burned through the third floor and attic of an apartment complex, Colleen Fallon wanted to help her friends the Moore Family. After researching different crowd funding platforms, she chose FreeFunder because FreeFunder passes the entire donation on to the Campaign Creator, instead of taking 5% or more as other platforms do.

The Moores were unharmed in the fire, but many of their belongings were lost and they needed help getting resituated. Colleen set a goal amount of $1,482. Within 16 hours, the FreeFunder campaign had blown past that goal, already raising $2,370, as mentioned in this news article. By the end of the campaign, the fundraiser raised more than 300% of the goal amount, providing the Moore Family with $5,165 to help them rebuild.

"What an amazing thing to wake up to! ...In only 11 hours of this being created you all have seen the goal line and then hurdled it! ...Thank you to all who have donated and shared this link, everything little bit helps. I'll be seeing Marcus and Heather this weekend and can't wait to give them some hope for the future because of everyone who has shown compassion. Cheers to all!" - Colleen Fallon

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