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How to Organize a Fundraiser for a Family - FreeFunder Can Help!

by John S
Last Updated 08/04/2023
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There are many reasons to set up a family fundraiser, and deciding what makes the most sense for you and your family can sometimes feel overwhelming. Crowdfunding campaigns can be a great solution because they are easy to set up and families can use the funds as they see fit. FreeFunder is here to help you. Our easy fundraising ideas will help you support those in need, whether it’s for your own family or someone you know.

Do you require a fundraiser for a family in need? Let's get started!

Tips for Organizing Your Fundraising Efforts to Raise Money for Those in Need

What's your goal for the fundraiser? Are you searching for fundraising ideas for kids and families in need? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Talk to the Family Members in Need

Before focusing on fundraising ideas to help a family, you should speak to them directly. Make sure they are comfortable raising money for themselves, and determine whether or not they are okay with their name being on the fundraiser or if they’d like to remain anonymous. Often people are grateful to community members for supporting them when they're in need, but you should check to be sure before you help them raise funds through FreeFunder.

2. Set Up Your FreeFunder Page and Write a Compelling Story

Your goal is to raise money, and you don't necessarily need incredibly unique or creative fundraising ideas for kids to do it. Instead, you simply create a FreeFunder crowdfunding page. This fundraising idea is so easy because there's little work or effort required on your part.

Personal fundraising pages on FreeFunder are easy to get set up when you visit the fundraising platform and create your page. Describe the need or project and set up a fundraising goal amount you wish to reach. Explain if there are younger kids who need help. Encourage participants to share the page and donate whatever amount they wish.

You can add pictures, progress updates, videos, and even get kids involved by asking them to share the information with their parents.

3. Set a Money Goal

Using FreeFunder is the perfect fundraising idea, and after you've spoken to the family in need and set up your crowdfunding page, it's important to choose a money goal. Think about what the Beneficiary requires - do they have high medical costs after a long-term illness? Does their child want to go on a sports-related trip? Will you be creating family reunion fundraisers?

Supporters contribute toward these and many other needs, but it's important to get the word out. FreeFunder helps you do that efficiently.

4. Reach Out to Others

The best fundraising idea for kids is one that works, and FreeFunder makes it easy to do. Simply reach out to everyone in your local community. Starting with your inner circle of close family and friends, encourage them to donate but also to share the fundraiser so the circle of engagement grows. You can even reach out to local businesses, such as local restaurants.

5. Begin Raising Money

You've created your fundraising page, you’ve shared it with your inner circle, and hopefully, now you’ll start to see money coming in. Once the fundraiser is created and published, it doesn't require much work. Your network and your community can make donations, and you’ll simply want to be sure to thank each contributor and keep people updated on the progress.

6. Share a Fundraiser Flyer for a Family in Need

Ask local restaurants and other places if you can put up fliers. Get the whole family involved! With FreeFunder’s Text-To-Donate feature, you can add a text keyword to the printed flyers, making it easier for people to access the fundraiser quickly. This fundraising idea for kids is an excellent way to get the whole family involved.

The entire family can get in on the fundraising fun. Plus, FreeFunder works well for a sports team and many other needs. There's no limit to how much money you can raise or for whom!

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Other Fundraising Ideas for a Fundraising Event

We realize that some people might wish to do more or have kids' fundraising ideas where everyone's involved. Here are a few other family fundraising ideas for kids:

  • Shoe drive fundraiser
  • Sell tickets for special events (raffle tickets)
  • Pledge fundraising model usage
  • Art auction (cost minimal)
  • Sell T-shirts
  • Sell treats at a bake sale (cost is minimal if you ask for donations for the ingredients)
  • Gift-wrapping services for the holiday season
  • Trivia night (cost minimal)
  • Straw draw fundraiser
  • Pizza party
  • Family fun run
  • Obstacle course
  • Matching gifts
  • Host a karaoke night
  • Have a talent show with an online registration form
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Elementary school carnival
  • Set up a concession stand

You don't need a great fundraising idea for kids when you use FreeFunder, but we realize that some people might want to do more than collect donations. These top fundraising ideas are excellent choices because they can be customized to meet your needs and the age group in question.

When you do pair them with a fundraising campaign on FreeFunder, you'll be raising funds quickly and efficiently.

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How FreeFunder Can Help

Instead of focusing on fundraising events that will take time and money to set up, you can use FreeFunder. It's the perfect fundraiser option for sports teams, community clubs, assisting with kids' medical expenses, and much more.

You'll reach plenty of audience members, and they can donate a few dollars or whatever meets their budgets. Most successful fundraisers use crowdfunding because it works!

While some might think great fundraising ideas must include fun activities that take effort and money to set up, you can get a long way toward your goal by just using FreeFunder! Create your page, describe your needs, set a money goal, and share it with friends and other free advertising options, such as local companies and local business websites.

FreeFunder does not charge any platform fee - we rely on optional donations in order to operate the platform and ensure that every possible dollar goes to the Beneficiary. Stripe, the payment processor, charges a small processing fee, but this is an unavoidable industry standard that FreeFunder does not have any part in. There are no out-of-pocket expenses when you run your fundraiser because Stripe’s fee is only charged on donations that come in. With a FreeFunder fundraiser, you can get the entire community involved without spending any of your own cash.

Compared to the other top fundraising ideas out there, using FreeFunder's crowdfunding solution is an excellent choice!


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