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How to Use Text-To-Donate to Maximize Your Fundraising Potential

by John Symonds

In 2020, there isn’t much that can’t be done via mobile device. People are using their phones to do everything from ordering food to handling bank transactions, and now you can add fundraising to the ever-growing list.

FreeFunder has just added free a text-to-donate service to help individuals and organizations reach their fundraising goals faster and easier than ever. Rather than handing over cash or writing out a check, users can text a donation to your fundraiser from their mobile device in seconds.

Churches, schools, public services, non-profits, and other communities can take advantage of text-to-donate when they begin a campaign on FreeFunder.

Here are some creative ways you can use it to maximize your fundraising potential:

Offline Fundraising Events

Hosting in-person fundraising events? Make sure you share your text-to-donate campaign with everyone you speak with. For every campaign, you’ll choose a keyword to share with potential supporters, and they can text that keyword to enter the donation process. It only takes a few seconds to share it, and they’ll appreciate not having to whip out their wallet on the spot.

And don’t stop at official fundraising events! Any offline situation where you can display your keyword and text-in number, such as signs, newspaper or magazine ads, or even digital signage at local businesses, can get your cause in front of an audience and boost your potential.

Instagram Fundraising

You can’t share links on Instagram, but you can add your special keyword and text-in number to an image (e.g. Text JOEY to 206-800-7879). Get your campaign in front of your followers on IG to get closer to your fundraising goals.

Printed Materials

If you pass out newsletters or bulletins on the regular, make sure you include a call to action for text donations. Event announcements, flyers, brochures, or other pieces of printed collateral provide an advertising vehicle for your fundraiser.

And for longer campaigns, you might even consider printing it on your business cards!

Want to see it for yourself? Head to and click on the demo link.


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FreeFunder Works!

When Nancy Dear hit some rough times and needed help in order to pay her rent (both personal and for her hair salon), she set up a FreeFunder campaign as a last resort. Friends and community members starting pitching in immediately. Nancy needed $2,500 in order to get caught up, and after donations came in from 59 people in only 2 weeks, she ended up raising $2,655.

"Yesterday was particularly rough, but I made it through, got a hefty pile of sleep, and woke up this morning to the beautiful miracle of community support! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have saved my business baby, saved my home, saved me. I LOVE YOU. HAIRPARTY LOVES YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING. " - Nancy Dear

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