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The Best School Fundraising Companies that Make a Difference

by John S
Last Updated 06/30/2023

The Best School Fundraising Companies that Make a Difference

The organization and hosting of fundraising events in an elementary or middle school are big tasks, but there are easier ways to generate income. School fundraising companies offer smarter, more sustainable, and more convenient ways to boost school funds, and there are more possibilities than you may think.

Why Work with School Fundraiser Companies?

There are plenty of ways to raise money for school equipment, programs, clubs, and sports teams without external help, but working with fundraising companies can get you across the line and provide more income opportunities.

Some things are simply not possible, and in-house fundraising events require time, effort, and volunteers to host. While this is fine for occasional events, it is not sustainable for regular cash flow. If you want to raise the most money and keep it coming in, fundraising companies for schools can help.

To make it even more advantageous for your school, you can combine these programs with a FreeFunder crowdfunding page. FreeFunder is designed to support you in your fundraising efforts, and you can use your personal donation page to manage donations from multiple channels.

Types of Companies Raising Money for Schools

School fundraising companies come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular types of programs include:

  • Crowdfunding: Reach more people faster, and manage your donations efficiently online.
  • Coupon and promotion providers: Earn commission through coupons, discount card sales, and more.
  • Product for sale suppliers: You can buy everything from gourmet popcorn to gift wrap for students and teachers to sell at a fundraiser.
  • Commission-based fundraisers: Companies provide goods for school fundraisers, and you get to keep a portion of the sales.
  • Online fundraising for schools: Organize online fundraisers for schools through various programs, including sales platforms, sponsorships, and more.

What Are Some of the Best Fundraising Programs for Elementary Schools?


If you need a school fundraising company that works with other school programs, individual donations, and online campaigns all in one go, FreeFunder can help.

Free Funder is a leading crowdfunding website designed to help everyone get the money they need for their cause. Our platform is packed full of valuable online tools to help your school set and reach your fundraising goal, and there are no platform fees to use FreeFunder.

You can share the link anywhere online, use it as the hub to bring together your various fundraising events and efforts, make it your primary source for collecting cash-free donations, and reach a wider crowd of supporters.

We are also the only platform that will actually donate up to $70 to your fundraiser based on social media shares!


Schoola is a clothing sales-based fundraising campaign designed for public schools and private schools. It is a simple principle: you collect donated clothes, send them to Schoola, they sell the clothes through their online store, and send back 40% of the total sales.

This is a great way to raise funds without too much of an upfront investment, and it is a continual effort with bi-annual payouts. You can add any proceeds as Offline Donations on your FreeFunder page, which increases the total amount raised and keeps supporters updated on your progress.

Cookie Sale

We have all heard of a bake sale. Bake sales are the original elementary school fundraiser, but since COVID-19 and crack-downs on hygiene safety, it is a little more difficult to arrange.

Rather than having parents bake at home to sell in the school, you can use a fundraising program such as Cookie Sale.

Cookie Sale is a company that provides pre-portioned cookie dough for people to sell. You buy the tubs, then sell them for a profit margin of up to 50% (according to the company's reports). It is an easier, hygiene-friendly alternative to the classic bake sale.

Other Ways to Raise Money for Schools: Four Great Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for in-house fundraising ideas, here are a few great options to consider.

1: Do a Sponsored Clean-Up or Challenge

Raise money and help the community at the same time with a sponsored clean-up. Arrange for the school kids to take part in cleaning a local park or other communal zones- or something along those lines. Ask for donations from families and community members to sponsor their efforts.

Alternatively, organize a challenge for the students to complete- be it a sponsored walk, hike, or sporting event. Collect donations through your FreeFunder campaign page.

2: Organize a Playground Challenge for Students and their Parents

Think sports day with a twist! Set up various tasks and challenges in the playground for teams to compete in. Charge a small participation fee, and consider inviting parents along to participate in some challenges themselves.

You can also incorporate sponsored activities where parents pledge money based on how their child does. A kick-a-thon or basketball shootout are good examples, where parents pledge a dollar amount for every successful attempt their child makes.

These are just suggestions - a playground challenge is limited only by your imagination. Why not ask the most imaginative people of all (the kids) for inspiration?

3: Host a Raffle/Bingo Night

Invite students and their families to a night at the school to play bingo, a quiz, or other interactive competition. Charge for entry, sell raffle tickets and ask local vendors to donate prizes.

4: Have a Tabletop Fundraising Sale

People love tabletop sales, and they are pretty easy to organize. You can do it in a few ways. Either charge people a fee to set up a table and sell their goods, or ask students, families, and community members for donated items to sell and raise money for the school.

Summary: Boost Your School's Fundraising Efforts with Helpful Programs and Simple Elementary and Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Whatever your preferred approach is to fundraisers, your school can benefit from the many programs and companies available. Save time and effort from already busy teachers and family members and gain effective, potentially long-term sources of income - collected and managed through an ultra-convenient FreeFunder page.


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