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Six Easy And Low-Cost Soccer Fundraising Ideas

by John S
Last Updated 06/29/2023

Youth sports teams are always in need of funds. Whether it is to buy new soccer balls, revamp the team's soccer field, or fund travel costs for an upcoming tournament - raising money is a must.

There are many ways to boost income for your soccer club - and they don't all have to be big events with high expenses and a lot of pre-planning. Be creative, be bold, and be smart about how you fundraise - and mix it up to keep things interesting.

Life gets busy, and the responsibility of arranging soccer fundraisers can seem like an ordeal - but it doesn't have to be. Here are six easy fundraising ideas for soccer clubs that are manageable, enjoyable, and effective - without costing much money or requiring too much effort.

1: Set Up a Crowdfunding Page through FreeFunder

FreeFunder is one of the leading online crowdfunding websites, and has already helped to raise millions of dollars for numerous personal causes. The idea of crowdfunding is to get your message out to the most people in the least time - and to make it easier for you to manage donations.

FreeFunder does not charge any platform fees, and you can personalize your page to fit your soccer team. You can have it up all the time for general donations or, when hosting soccer fundraising events, you can advertise the link and direct supporters who want to make a donation directly to the page for ease. All donations go straight to your team - FreeFunder doesn't hold onto funds or charge any platform fees for the services.

Additionally, FreeFunder will actually donate up to $70 to your fundraiser based on social sharing!

2: Approach Local Businesses for Team Sponsorships

The most reliable regular way to raise money for a soccer team is through sponsorship. Local business owners are often looking for ways to get their name out there, and sponsoring high school teams or community clubs is a great way to do it.

Identify businesses that are interested in soccer that you believe may be in a position to back the team. You could also consider a sponsorship tier system where multiple businesses can pledge money in return for the right to advertise, the scale of which would depend on how much they donate.

3: Hold a Kick-a-Thon

If you are looking for something fun, easy, and fast that can boost team spirit and raise money at the same time, it doesn't get much better than a kick-a-thon.

The concept is simple:

  • All your players take turns shooting penalties.
  • They get 20 shots each (you can go for less or more, it is up to you).
  • Parents, relatives, and friends can pledge a dollar amount for every goal their child/sponsored player scores.

If a parent pledges $10 for every goal and their child scores 10 out of 20, they donate $100. If they don't miss a shot, they give $200! It is an excellent money maker since most parents don't want to be outdone, and contributors will generally pledge a decent amount.

You can also sell food and make a day of it for the players and their loved ones. It is something simple that requires very little planning and it creates a fun day for everyone involved. Once the day is done, the pledgers can make their donations via your FreeFunder page, or if they provide the funds in person you can update your FreeFunder page with an Offline Donation.

4: Sell Snacks, Drinks, and Merchandise at Soccer Games

Food and drinks are always welcome at sports matches, and if you buy in bulk you can get great deals. You can also bring on local sponsors to support with stock to save money.

Selling team merchandise for supporters, friends, and family members is also an easy way to generate income. Yes, you need to spend to have it made, but the markup is pretty good, and it is often possible to get discounts as a local soccer team.

5: Invite Other Soccer Teams to Partake in a One-Day Fundraising Play-Off

This involves a little more planning than the other fundraising ideas on this list, but it is still pretty manageable and is a great way to have fun and raise funds. Contact other teams in your soccer league and arrange a friendly competition at your grounds.

It should be a simple one-day event consisting of a quick play-off tournament and perhaps some other events (kick-a-thons, drill competitions, and skill tests). You can have a mix of pledges per goal, sponsors for taking part in challenges, entry fees for competitions, and income from selling food and drinks during the event. Ask for sponsorship from local restaurants to supply the food if possible.

6: Organize a Sponsored Challenge for the Soccer Players

Another relatively easy fundraising idea is a sponsored challenge. It can be anything, well, challenging! You could do a hike, a run, a clean-up day, or a sports-related physical test.

You collect donations from community members, families, and anyone else who feels like supporting. In return, your players take part in the challenge. If you already have a FreeFunder page set up for your soccer team, you can provide details and updates on your page and then send those updates out to all of your fundraiser's followers.

The organization of this sports fundraising idea depends on what you choose to do. If you go for a sponsored run, you really just need to pick a route or enter your team in an event organized by someone else (5ks, 10k, etc.). Clean-ups can be arranged with your town council, and hikes may require someone with map-reading skills who can be responsible for a group of young people.

Final Thoughts on Soccer Team Fundraising Ideas

Funding a youth soccer team successfully enough to provide players with the best equipment, facilities, and opportunities is no easy feat, and the people responsible have a tough gig. That said, when you have a few bright ideas that are fun, beneficial, and interactive, you could find the donations rolling in.

Whatever you choose as the soccer fundraiser ideas for your team, running a personal crowdfunding page through FreeFunder can help you reach your goal faster and more efficiently. It doesn't cost the team anything, but includes a lot of extra benefits - what's not to love?


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