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Discover One of the Best Crowdfunding Platforms – We Actually Donate To Your Fundraiser!

by John S
Last Updated 05/31/2023

Do you need to raise money for personal needs and causes? FreeFunder is the perfect place to create and promote your fundraising campaign!

While there are many crowdfunding platforms out there, FreeFunder’s unique features make it the best choice for personal fundraising. We don't charge platform fees, we offer an intuitive and easy process, and we guarantee fast support.

Also, unlike most free crowdfunding platforms, we actually donate to your fundraiser! Read on to learn more about us and our donations.

FreeFunder Really Wants to Help You Raise Money

FreeFunder is a free crowdfunding platform that takes no platform fees from your fundraiser. But that's not all! We will actually donate to your already-free campaign based on the sharing that you and your friends do for your campaign!

We understand that you're raising money because you really need it, and we want to help you achieve your fundraising goals. We offer many benefits to people who use our free crowdfunding platform software.

Besides waiving platform fees, FreeFunder donates to fundraising campaigns based on shares.

The more you or your friends share a link to your campaign on our free crowdfunding site, the more money FreeFunder will donate. Plus, more shares mean your fundraiser will reach more people!

Raising the Money You Need Doesn't Happen Overnight

Crowdfunding is not magic. Money does not just come from nowhere, and strangers are often hesitant to donate to a campaign if they don't know the person running it or someone that knows that person. That's why sharing is crucial for the success of any campaign!

You need more than just logging into a crowdfunding site and creating a campaign for a specific cause. How can you get people to donate to your fundraiser? Fortunately, FreeFunder can give you a hand!

As mentioned, we donate to the campaigns on our online fundraising platform for a reason: FreeFunder wants more and more people to share a link to your fundraising page!

Sharing is the social proof that helps people feel comfortable donating to a cause that they would otherwise not know whether or not to trust.

This Is How Our Donations Work

To help encourage sharing, FreeFunder is the only crowdfunding platform that actually donates to your campaign based on sharing! That's one of the main things that set us apart from other crowdfunding websites.

Also, we're committed to donating more money as more people share your fundraiser. Let's see how our donations work!

If your crowdfunding campaign reaches 100 Facebook Shares and $1000 raised, we'll donate $20 to your campaign. If it reaches 500 Facebook shares and $5000, we'll donate another $50!

Why We Donate

This strategy encourages users on our free crowdfunding platform to share their campaigns. In addition, it invites their friends who are unable to contribute financially to their fundraisers to share as well.

Incentivizing sharing can make a huge difference and truly benefit your campaigns to raise funds, whether they are for personal causes, businesses, or creative projects.

FreeFunder is a pioneer in offering this option, which makes us the best crowdfunding platform you can try in 2023!

Fortunately, if you choose FreeFunder, you can use our crowdfunding platform for free and make the most of this benefit to make sure your campaign does well.

How Will Other People Know They Can Donate to Your Crowdfunding Campaign by Sharing Your Link?

After creating your campaign to raise funds on one of the best crowdfunding sites, how can you reach more people and get more donations? As mentioned, that's our main goal!

Now that you know that we donate to your campaign to encourage others to share your page and make donations, you may be wondering how we do it.

Well, we intentionally make this very clear on your campaign page to encourage the people who visit to actually press that button and share! Some people may visit your page and not be able to contribute financially. Letting them get involved (and really encouraging them to do so) by sharing your fundraiser works wonders! Not only does the word spread more quickly, but we are happy to donate to campaigns that have people passionate about sharing them.

How Does FreeFunder Stay In Business?

When it comes to crowdfunding, our free platform is one of the best options you can find.

Even the most popular crowdfunding websites, which receive millions of contributions daily and partner with accredited investors, do not donate to campaigns created on their own platforms. That's something only FreeFunder does.

However, our donations also raise a few questions. How FreeFunder stays afloat if there's no platform fee and we also offer financial support?

Understanding How We Keep The Lights On

In order to provide this free platform and to donate to fundraisers based on shares, we rely on contributors' optional donations to keep FreeFunder in business.

Each person who donates to your campaign can also see the option to make a small donation to FreeFunder. It could be just $1 or less, even zero!

This donation to our crowdfunding platform doesn't affect your fundraising efforts. If someone donates $20, the amount goes directly to your Stripe Account (Stripe is the payment processor)

Users can donate to FreeFunder as an additional contribution that doesn't reduce the amount raised by your campaign. While other crowdfunding sites might charge a platform fee that takes a percentage of the donation, we want you to keep all the money you collected!

Luckily, many people are willing to make a donation to our crowdfunding site, which allows us to keep FreeFunder running and continue helping people raise the funds they need!

Why Choose FreeFunder

Raising funds doesn't happen overnight. We know that! However, choosing a reliable crowdfunding site can make the process easier and help you create a successful campaign.

That's why we have worked hard to become a reputable fundraising platform and integrate all the features you need to promote your campaign and get more donations.

Unlike most crowdfunding sites, we donate because we want to support our users' fundraising efforts and help them achieve their goals. However, we offer much more than that.

There are no hidden fees if you choose FreeFunder. Most crowdfunding websites charge a small fee, keeping part of the money you raise for your campaign.

At first, $1 doesn't seem like much, right? However, what do you think would happen if you raised $10,000? If the platform you choose charges a 5% platform fee, that would end up being $500 that would go to the platform instead of to you!

FreeFunder lets you keep that 5% and gives you bonus cash. You will receive the full donation amount (minus Stripe’s payment processing fees) plus even more as a result of people sharing your campaign!

Are You Raising Funds? FreeFunder Gives You a Hand!

If you're ready to start a personal fundraising campaign, FreeFunder is the best choice. No platform fees, plus we actually donate to your campaign, which is something that no other crowdfunding platform does!

Helping you raise the money you need is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to make your campaign successful.

Are you ready to raise money for a cause? Start your free fundraiser today!


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FreeFunder Works!

When a beloved veterinarian from Butler, PA received news that a portion of his treatment costs for a life-threatening disease would not be covered by Boston Medical Centre it was time to turn to crowdfunding. Aubrey Kornrumpf, the office assistant for Dr. Denis Daman, created a free fundraising campaign on FreeFunder. Aubrey set a goal of $8,000, which was enough to cover the housing costs that Dr. Daman was suddenly expected to cover.

Within 5 days, the campaign had already raised more than $10,000. By the end of the campaign, more than $14,000 was raised to cover the housing costs as well as food and incidentals.

"Thanks to your generosity, Doc was able to begin his treatments on September 15th... Because of the beautiful hearts of every person who donated here, Doc and Mrs. Daman were not only able to get the housing he needed, but his daily transportation needs are now being met ...In short, those who donated here played a very real part in saving Dr. Daman's life, and repaying the debt to him for his life's work saving others. Needless to say, Dr. Daman is completely overwhelmed by this outpouring of support, and by the realization that his life's work has meant so much to so many. Thank you all, so very much." - Aubrey Kornrumpf

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