FreeFunder Features

Simple, Customizable Pages

Pick a color scheme, add your content, and you're good to go! FreeFunder has one of the most feature-rich campaign editors out there! You can change font sizes and colors, add bullet points, add pictures, and even use tables to organize your fundraising page to be the best it can be!

Easy Sharing Tools

Every FreeFunder campaign page has multiple options for sharing, and they show up in multiple places. Having multiple sharing options is one of the best ways to really make your fundraiser take off! You can also create a custom link so that your campaign is listed at a readable, informative web address!

Add Team Members

Getting people on your team is great for sharing, but it can also be useful to have other people who know how to tweak your description, add updates, and help you manage things! With FreeFunder, you can easily add Team Members and give them read-only or read-write permissions to help with your Campaign!

Send Email Updates

Updating your campaign supporters and followers is important to build momentum and keep people sharing! With FreeFunder, you can post updates any time you want, and then you can just click a button to email that update to all of your followers!

Mobile Friendly Pages

Our fundraising pages look great on Mobile as well as Desktop. This means that if people find your campaign while on their phones, they'll easily be able to find all the information and donate right from their phone!

Fast Support

We are dedicated to helping your fundraiser succeed, and happy to answer questions. Any time you need help, just let us know and we will quickly respond!

FreeFunder allows fundraisers to create free personal crowdfunding campaigns, with NO platform fees!

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