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We Actually Donate

FreeFunder is the only only crowdfunding platform that not only lets you run your campaign for free, but for a limited time will also donate $25 to your campaign when it reaches $1,000 in donations. That's right! We charge ZERO platform fees (most charge 5% of every donation) and we will actually donate $25 when you raise at least $1,000 on your campaign!

Crowdfunding Works

When an accidental fire burned through the third floor and attic of an apartment complex, Colleen Fallon wanted to help her friends the Moore Family. After researching different crowd funding platforms, she chose FreeFunder because FreeFunder passes the entire donation on to the Campaign Creator, instead of taking 5% or more as other platforms do.

The Moores were unharmed in the fire, but many of their belongings were lost and they needed help getting resituated. Colleen set a goal amount of $1,482. Within 16 hours, the FreeFunder campaign had blown past that goal, already raising $2,370, as mentioned in this news article. By the end of the campaign, the fundraiser raised more than 300% of the goal amount, providing the Moore Family with $5,165 to help them rebuild.

FreeFunder Is Free Crowdfunding

FreeFunder is very excited to provide a platform for FREE fundraising!

Similar to GoFundMe and Kickstarter, FreeFunder is a crowdfunding platform that lets you raise money for all kinds of things. Emergency Help, Film Projects, Weddings, Sports Teams, and many more!

The big difference? FreeFunder charges NO platform fee while GoFundMe and Kickstarter will take 5% of the donations people give!

Why FreeFunder Fundraisers?

  • They are super easy to set up and customize in minutes!
  • Links to share with friends and family are built in
  • Donations are handled securely by Stripe
  • FreeFunder Campaigns are FREE

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