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Text To Donate

The fastest and simplest way for donors to support you, whether you reach them at an event, through flyers, newspapers, or any other offline situation!
Try it now! Text "Demo" to 206-672-7222 and test out the easy interface!

Incredibly Easy To Use

  1. Create Your Fundraiser - FreeFunder makes it easy to create a free fundraising campaign in minutes.
  2. Select Your Keyword - Once your fundraiser becomes eligible, you can select an easy-to-remember keyword to share with potential donors.
  3. Spread The Word - You can share your keyword verbally, or print it on flyers, or use our Event Feed to easily get the word out! Sharing it on Instagram is a great way to give your Instagram followers a quick and easy way to support you, since Instagram doesn't support links in your posts.

Live Event Feed

Included free! Our simple, dynamic Live Event Feed page lets you project an action-encouraging progress indicator on a TV or Projector Screen at events in order to encourage donations in real time!

Each time someone makes a new donation they are celebrated and thanked live on the screen, and added to the feed of donations. This real-time, exciting display will get people motivated to join in and watch as the fundraiser progresses!

Want to see a demo? Head to this page to see what the Live Event Feed looks like. Then, try texting "DEMO" to 206-672-7222 and watch the new (simulated, not real) donation get added to the live feed!

FreeFunder allows fundraisers to create free personal crowdfunding campaigns, with no platform fees!

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