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Medical Fundraising: Free Help With Medical Bills

by John S
Last Updated 03/07/2023

Medical expenses are curveballs that life sometimes throws at you. Dealing with these unexpected medical bills can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. However, organizing and managing them can help reduce the burden.

You are not alone! Many loved ones are eager to lend a hand, and free online platforms make it easy to do so through personal crowdfunding. In the past few years, personal fundraising through crowdfunding has seen a surge. Billions of dollars in donations are made by family and friends to those in need each year.

FreeFunder provides a completely free, user-friendly, crowdfunding experience. It is the only crowdfunding platform that will donate to your campaign based on sharing. At FreeFunder, when you reach 100 Facebook shares, you will receive a $20 donation for your campaign. Furthermore, if you reach 500 Facebook shares, you will be granted an additional $50.

Medical crowdfunding through Freefunder eases the pressure of covering medical costs. The best part is, the funds are donated directly to your account and you can access them right away.

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a popular method of raising money for projects and causes by collecting small amounts of money from a large number of people. It is also known as peer-to-peer fundraising or crowdsourcing.

This way of garnering funds is used for several purposes, ranging from starting a business to raising money for medical expenses. Crowdfunding works by inviting people to contribute a small amount of money to a project or cause.

With an understanding of how crowdfunding works, let's get into medical crowdfunding. Medical crowdfunding is a form of crowdfunding specifically to raise money for medical expenses.

It is a way for individuals to raise money from their communities, families, or themselves to help cover the costs of medical expenses, such as cancer treatment, hospital stays, surgeries, prescription medications, and other medical bills.

Medical crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular option for people facing mounting medical bills, especially those without health insurance.

Why Are Medical Expenses so High?

Medical costs in the US are in the trillion-dollar bracket per year. Many individuals and families struggle with medical expenses, even the ones with health insurance. Medical bills are on the rise because of many factors, but three major driving factors include chronic diseases, lifestyle, and prescription drugs.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic illnesses and conditions, such as arthritis, obesity, cancer, and heart disease are some of the most prevalent, expensive health issues. Cancer treatments, for example, have no price tag.

A person can spend anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars or more a year on cancer treatment. This is why so many have a hard time with medical expenses, even those with good health insurance.


The way we live affects healthcare costs. Many illnesses and chronic conditions are often preventable if changes are made toward a healthier lifestyle.

However, without taking preventative measures, health will deteriorate, leading to more people needing medical treatments. Often these medical treatments turn out to be long-term necessities.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs present another factor that is causing an increase in medical expenses. Aside from hospital stays that may leave people with hefty medical bills, medication is often needed to improve the quality of life or save lives (for example, cancer treatment).

Using prescription drugs is essential for controlling, managing, and treating many illnesses and diseases. Unfortunately, the high costs are putting a strain on family finances, businesses, and taxpayers, increasing the nation's yearly healthcare costs.

Why Choose Crowdfunding for Medical Bills?

Crowdfunding for medical bills is an increasingly popular option for people who need help with healthcare costs. Medical conditions, such as cancer, which may need expensive cancer treatments, can leave an individual or family grappling to cope with hospital bills and other expenses.

Fortunately, medical crowdfunding is available as a great alternative for those who don't qualify for traditional financing options, such as health insurance or government assistance. Therefore, many turn to medical fundraising to pay mounting medical bills because it offers a quick and easy way to raise money since most campaigns are set up online and can be shared quickly with a wide audience.

Additionally, many platforms used to raise money for medical bills or other causes, such as FreeFunder, offer donations matching and other incentives, which can help boost the amount of money raised.

Ideas to Raise Money for Medical Expenses

There is a plethora of medical fundraising ideas that will garner funds to help with medical bills in no time. Thanks to platforms, such as FreeFunder, that facilitate medical crowdfunding, raising funds for healthcare bills has never been easier. That's why it's first on the list of how to raise money for medical treatment.

Create an Online Crowdfunding Campaign

It's easy to raise money on a crowdfunding platform, as it gives you access to ask for donations from a greater number of people at once. Medical crowdfunding is becoming one of the most prominent and efficient ways to raise money for medical bills.

Charity Event for Medical Fundraising

Charity functions present another popular fundraising idea. Since it's all about medical fundraising, it's a good idea to make the event health-related. You can raise funds with charity runs, cycle rides, and walk-a-thons. This way, your medical fundraiser can be both healthy and fun.

Online Fundraising for Medical Treatment

Another medical fundraising idea is to have days of giving (online). Raising funds in this manner can go hand-in-hand with a fundraising website, such as FreeFunder. The idea is to designate a day for giving.

Online days of giving have become increasingly popular on social media platforms over the years. If you search for social giving trends, such as #GivingTuesday, you'll get an idea of how many people will donate to a cause.

Using this method as a medical fundraiser will allow you to get more money for hospital bills or other medical expenses faster. A fundraising goal can easily be met because there are plenty of generous people who understand the needs and struggles of others—even strangers.

Other Medical Fundraising Ideas

You can raise funds for healthcare bills with other ideas, such as hosting a bake sale, organizing a car wash, having a yard sale, and asking family members, friends, and co-workers for donations.

Strategies for a Successful Medical Fundraising Campaign

With online fundraising platforms, such as FreeFunder, it's easy to launch a medical fundraising campaign to raise money for a sticky medical situation, such as enormous hospital bills and other medical expenses.

However, starting a campaign is just the beginning. You must apply strategies to make it a success.

Set Realistic Goals

Realistic goals for a medical fundraiser can help create a sense of accomplishment and progress, as well as provide a sense of motivation and inspiration.

Utilize Social Media

To raise money for medical bills via an online platform, you need to take advantage of social media to reach out to potential donors. Technology now makes it easier to share your fundraiser story with a large group of people.

You can also post photos. People connect better with who or what they can see. Social media makes it easier to build relationships with donors.

Show Gratitude for Donations

Showing gratitude for donations is essential. It helps build relationships with donors and encourages them to continue their support. Donors often give because they believe in a cause and want to see it succeed.

By expressing appreciation for their donations, you can show that you value their generosity and that their donations made a difference. Gratitude also encourages donors to spread the word about your cause, which can lead to even more contributions.

The Bottom Line

Rising medical cost is an issue that affects all of us. Sometimes the pressure of mounting medical expenses becomes too much. Fortunately, platforms, such as FreeFunder, take the pressure off people to find the money for bills.

If you're concerned about how to ask for donations for medical bills, stop worrying. You can easily create a medical crowdfunding campaign or start one for someone else.


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When a beloved veterinarian from Butler, PA received news that a portion of his treatment costs for a life-threatening disease would not be covered by Boston Medical Centre it was time to turn to crowdfunding. Aubrey Kornrumpf, the office assistant for Dr. Denis Daman, created a free fundraising campaign on FreeFunder. Aubrey set a goal of $8,000, which was enough to cover the housing costs that Dr. Daman was suddenly expected to cover.

Within 5 days, the campaign had already raised more than $10,000. By the end of the campaign, more than $14,000 was raised to cover the housing costs as well as food and incidentals.

"Thanks to your generosity, Doc was able to begin his treatments on September 15th... Because of the beautiful hearts of every person who donated here, Doc and Mrs. Daman were not only able to get the housing he needed, but his daily transportation needs are now being met ...In short, those who donated here played a very real part in saving Dr. Daman's life, and repaying the debt to him for his life's work saving others. Needless to say, Dr. Daman is completely overwhelmed by this outpouring of support, and by the realization that his life's work has meant so much to so many. Thank you all, so very much." - Aubrey Kornrumpf

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