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Medical Fundraising: Free Help With Medical Bills

by John Symonds

Medical bills are often unexpected, urgent, and expensive. When life throws a curve ball it can be easy to become overwhelmed at the massive task of organizing and dealing with the costs and emotional toll that an unexpected medical issue can bring. 

You are not alone! Most friends and family are more than willing to help, and it's easy to do thanks to free personal crowdfunding. Personal fundraising through crowdfunding platforms has grown significantly in recent years, and every year billions of dollars are donated from friends and family to those in need. FreeFunder is proud to provide a free crowdfunding platform that is easy to use, quick to set up, and charges no fees!

Not only does FreeFunder not charge fees, but it is also the only crowdfunding platform that will actually donate to your campaign based on sharing! The reality is, with any fundraising campaign it is essential to share the campaign and get the word out to all the people who would love to help you. To encourage this, FreeFunder is dedicated to donating $20 to your campaign when you reach 100 Facebook shares, and another $50 when you reach 500 Facebook shares! Because of this program, even friends who can't financially contribute right now can help by sharing, and this helps your campaign in multiple ways.

A free fundraising page can be set up on FreeFunder in minutes, resulting in a beautiful, mobile-friendly, easily-shared page that allows your friends and family to contribute in just a few clicks. The best part? Funds are donated directly into your account, and available immediately.

If you are in need of help, start a free fundraising page today!

Some Tips For Successful Medical Fundraisers:

1. Make Sure It's Specific

The more specific you are about the issue, what happened, and why you need help the better your campaign will be. If people are uncertain about why you need help, they may hesitate and feel less inclined to donate.

2. Explain The Goal

Along with being specific about your need, you should define a goal amount and explain why that specific amount of money is needed. If you have a particular treatment coming up, or there is a specific expense that you need to cover, be sure to explain that. People are often more willing to contribute when the amount of money you need is clearly defined.

3. Share With Everyone, But Close Friends First

Strangers are very unlikely to contribute to your medical fundraiser until there is a significant amount of momentum behind your campaign. For one thing, it may be hard for them to trust that this is necessary, or that you even are who you say you are. The very first thing to do when you publish your campaign is to reach out, personally, to your closest family and friends. Send an email to each one personally, and ask them to help in whatever way they can. Even if they can only share, ask them to do that. The more momentum and "social proof" you can provide, the better. If you don't get your closest friends on board quickly, it can be very hard to have a successful campaign.

4. Make Sure To Provide Updates And Thank-You's

Once you have things going, make sure to update people often! It helps for people to see the progress, and to see that you are grateful for what's been donated. Make sure you provide constant updates, and thank absolutely everyone for contributing to your medical fundraiser.


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FreeFunder Works!

When Tara's dog Vishnu was diagnosed with stage 2 malignant oral melanoma and required major surgery to save his life, she created a FreeFunder fundraiser to help raise the money she needed. She broke down the specific costs for treatment, and let everyone know that the vet was very confident the procedure would be a success if the money was raised in time.

In only 24 hours, the goal of $8,500 was already met. In the end, Tara raised $9,575 to get Vishnu the medical procedure he needed.

"My heart is bursting and my mind blown... I can't tell you what it was like to see these wonderful, generous donations come in and to feel hope rise -- and then suddenly see the hyperspace lights flashing." - Tara R

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